2Friends-01I have two amazing friends who started Luke’s Legacy with me and since the inception of Luke’s Legacy I have been blessed with many more amazing friends that have joined our group and who have supported this journey.

In December 2008, Lynn and Laura approached me regarding a fundraising idea for The Hospital for Sick Children. While Lynn was in the United States visiting family for American Thanksgiving she was at a restaurant where they were decorating cookies for charity. Lynn then thought this may be a good idea for a fun, easy fundraiser for Sick Kids in honour of Luke. She came to me with the idea of a Christmas Cookie decorating fundraiser. At the time, and since Luke’s passing, December is a very difficult time for our family. Being the first Christmas without Luke, I knew I would not be able to devote the time, energy and enthusiasm needed for a successful fundraiser.

We then decided to hold this cookie decorating fundraiser in February 2009, Luke’s birth month as well as Heart Month. What better month to honour Luke and his courage. We then decided on what else, heart shaped cookies to decorate, cookies that would not only represent love, but represent what we are trying to raise money for, pediatric cardiac care and research.

We then approached France at Whole Foods Market in Oakville, Ontario about our idea and she was immediately on board with our idea and offered us the community events room to host our event. France then put us in contact with Jennifer at Tickle Your Tummy bakery, who immediately agreed to donating heart shaped nut-free cookies and icing for our event!

In 2013 we found our new and permanent home at the South East Oakville Longo’s location on Cornwall Road. Thank you to Anthony Longo for making this happen and supporting Luke’s Legacy. In this year Artsy Baker took over as our cookie supplier and we appreciate their great support. We are now entering our 10th Annual Sweethearts for SickKids Event and are very excited.

To date we have raised over $178,900 earning Luke’s Legacy a spot on the Sponsor’s Wall at the Hospital for Sick Children. Our goal is to eventually raise enough money so that they rename the Cardiac Critical Care Unit, the Luke Holmes Cardiac Critical Care Unit.